Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sign Up for Al Fresco Newsletter: Receive $2 Coupon

Head over to al fresco's website, sign up for their newsletter and they will e-mail you a link to a $2.00 coupon off any (1) package of al fresco chicken sausage.

From the al fresco website: 

"All of our products have 70% less fat than pork sausage and are free of nitrites, nitrates, preservatives and artificial ingredients, but full of flavor."
A pack of 4 sausages is usually priced around $6.00, so this is a great coupon you can use to lesson the blow to your wallet. And who knows, maybe these will go BOGO soon (fingers crossed) :-)

These sausages are delicious!!! The chipotle chorizo is TO DIE FOR!!! These are great for grillin or perfect to slice up and throw into a heaping bowl of pasta (the sun-dried tomatoes version is particularly awesome with linguini). They also make meatballs and breakfast sausages (the wild blueberry might be too "out there" for me) that might be worth a try.

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