Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why BOGO Deals Are A Shopper's Best Friend

If you're reading this and you live in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee or Alabama, then you more than likely live somewhere near a Publix grocery store. Publix is a great grocery store to shop at for many reasons but my favorite one is for their amazing BOGO deals (that's "Buy One, Get One"). These BOGO deals mean you purchase one item and get the second like item for FREE!

There are a couple of variations on the BOGO deal. Your BOGO deals can ring up as either (a) one full price item and one free item or (b) two half-price items. The only real difference between the two lies in whether or not you actually buy two items. With the second deal scenario, you receive a 50% discount on a BOGO item without having to buy another like item. The first deal option is only a real deal if you take advantage of the free item. If you buy only one, then you pay full price and leave a free item on the shelf. That's not a very good deal.

No matter how your Publix store offers up its BOGO deals, the lesson is to get two items no matter what. A BOGO deal offers shoppers the opportunity to "stock up" on something while enjoying a considerable savings. I don't know about you but a 50% savings on anything is pretty fantastic in my book. Now you can appreciate why a BOGO deal is my absolute favorite kind of deal at the grocery store.

Even if you don't live in the South, chances are most of the national or regional grocery chain stores also offer BOGO deals on a weekly basis. Take advantage of them, folks. The store is giving you the chance to save 50%  - and that's before COUPONS!!!

Let me give you all an example of what a BOGO deal can yield. I scored free ketchup a couple of weeks ago at Publix when it was BOGO. Here's how I did it (this is a particularly fortuitous example and not something you should always expect to achieve):

I purchased (10) Hunt's Ketchup bottles (24oz) while they were BOGO for $1.49. That's (5) bottles for $1.49 and (5) free bottles. My total was $7.45 before coupons which is still a great price for 10 ketchup bottles. I then used three coupons (2 from the manufacturer and 1 from the store) totalling $8 to end up with lots of free ketchup (and $.55 in overage I used toward a gallon of milk!).

You're probably asking yourselves why I would need 10 bottles of ketchup? The answer is I don't. The coupons I used required I buy 10 items and the BOGO deal made that possible. Without it, I would have spent nearly $15 before coupons, and close to $7 out of pocket after them. By combining the BOGO sale with store and manufacturer coupons, I was able to get free ketchup for our family as well as my best friend and my cousin. I'm now stocked up on ketchup for the next 6 months (that's how long it will take us to go through 5 large ketchup bottles). A half-year supply of ketchup for FREE (not to mention the free ketchup I was able to give to two other families) is not bad at all! I do love a good BOGO deal and so should you.

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